From the preliminary survey before design to performing quality control checks and staking the final project, surveying is crucial in assuring the project takes off on the right foot.

Mi-Tech provides surveying services to government agencies, private industries, and individuals. No project is too small. We all have equally diverse backgrounds in boundary surveying, American Land Title Association surveying (ALTA), FEMA flood plain surveying, and so much more. With that kind of diversity, we can assist on any size project at a moment’s notice.

We always have a structured approach to get the job done right. There doesn’t even have to be a structure.

Our surveying services allow you to have team members at your side who love what they do. Because of that, you will have confidence that everything will be checked, double-checked, and then checked again.

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Our entire team is comprised of service specialists. From surveyors out in the field to everyone in our office and each person in-between, our focus is on your project.

Working with Mi-Tech means we will do what we say. You can count on it.


Ask us about each of the many surveying services we provide.

  • Boundary Surveying
    • Certified Survey Maps
    • Plat of Survey Maps
    • ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys
    • Subdivision layout and platting
    • Right-of-Ways (ROW)
    • Easements
    • Property Lines
    • Legal Descriptions
    • Public Land Survey System (PLSS) corner remonumentation (e.g. Section Corners)
    • Deed, Easement, and ROW Research
  • Construction Surveying
    • Construction Staking
    • Buildings/Foundations
    • Utilities
    • Highways/Roads
    • Bridges
    • Railroads
    • Airports
    • Power and Transmission Lines
    • Deformation and Settlement Monitoring
    • Pipeline
    • As-Builts
    • Substations
    • Wind Farms
  • Additional Services
    • Elevation Certification for FEMA, Floodway, LOMA, LOMR, CLOMA, and CLOMR
    • Hydrographic
    • Hazardous Site
    • Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
    • AutoCAD Drafting
    • Topographic Surveys
    • Engineering Design
    • Site Plans
    • Aerial Mapping and Ground Control