Right of Way and Real Estate

You have a crucial project, and we have experts who can help. Our right-of-way team handles all of the ins and outs of property research, easement acquisition, and ingress/egress details. It can seem daunting to coordinate with so many stakeholders, but with Mi-Tech leading your project, you will see that we have your needs as our top priority.

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Whether you want to know if you have an existing easement or need to acquire easements over miles of your project, our Right-of-Way experts have the experience and staff to aid you to reach your construction goals. We handle everything from negotiation with property owners to preparing agreement documents and everything in-between.

  • Property Research
    • Latest deed verifying ownership
    • Research property mapping: CSMs, plats, and other surveys
    • State and county highway mapping
    • 60-year searches/Line of title
    • Existing easement research
    • Encumbrances
  • Easement Acquisition
    • Research latest deed to ensure ownership
    • Research any property mapping if survey work is needed
    • Ensure proposed easement area is free and clear of any Encumbrances
    • Preparation of easement document
    • Determine land values by use of licensed appraisers
    • Negotiate with Property Owners within specified limitations of our Client
    • Coordinate with surveyors for easement staking, pinning, and recordable exhibit creation
    • Record signed easements
    • Calculate and negotiate payments for damages caused by construction
  • Ingress/Egress Easements
    • Construction coordination to locate serviceable routes into existing easements and facilities
    • Contact property owners to negotiate routes and notify them of upcoming construction
    • Contact municipal, county, and state agencies for permitting and ingress/egress issues
    • Review agreements with the contractor to ensure fulfillment of Limitations of Agreement
    • Point of Contact between the contractor and property owners
    • Calculate and negotiate payments for damages caused by construction
  • Easement Permitting

Like before the big game, but much more productive—not only will we serve as the Point of Contact between the contractor and the property owner, we will also conduct pre-construction meetings to ensure that the entire process is per the property owner’s limitations.

Sign here. Initial there. Repeat 3,000 times. You will never have to worry about missing permits or deadlines with us at your side. Our experts apply for Conditional Use permits, building permits, and any other permits needed to get the job done right.