Joint Use

Mi-Tech Services, Inc. has a vast range of experience providing Joint Use services for our clients. We assist communication providers and power utilities when coordinating Joint Use on utility poles.

For communication providers, Mi-Tech completes route selection, proposed attachment heights, structural and midspan loading calculations, permit submittal, make-ready plans and estimates, coordination with existing attachers, inspection/post-inspection services, and project as-builts.

Mi-Tech provides Joint Use coordination from the initial attachment request through the post-attachment inspection phase for power utilities. Our services include but are not limited to initial review of an attachment request, field survey, structural and mid-span loading calculations, coordination with Power company Engineers, make-ready proposals and estimates, coordination and notifications with existing attachers, post-construction inspections, and as-built updates.

We complete this work following NESC and FCC timelines, guidelines, and codes.

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Mi-Tech regularly submits pole attachment joint use applications to various utility pole owners on behalf of our communication customers. These projects require coordination with the power utility, existing communication Joint Use attachers, and our client.

Accordingly, we prepare and submit permit packages that include detailed construction prints with pole attachment heights and mid-span heights, pole structure loading calculations, mid-span loading calculations, make-ready design, pole pictures, and permit submittal documents.

Our Team also serves as the main point of contact for coordinating Joint Use make-ready and completing inspections to assure our client’s facilities are installed as proposed and per code.

Mi-Tech’s client and experience lists include Joint Use permits for dozens of communication companies. In addition, we have submitted permits to many power companies, including Alliant Energy, Wisconsin Public Service, WE Energies, Wright-Hennepin Coop, Xcel Energy, Madison Gas and Electric, Kaukauna Utilities, Upper Peninsula Power Company, and many others.

We develop strong relationships with all project stakeholders, and our high-quality work is respected and trusted by our clients and permitting entities, which helps facilitate all aspects of our client’s project, especially the permitting process and completion of construction.

We serve as the central point of contact for all stakeholders involved on any Joint Use project. Our Team assists in clarifying and distributing design details and make-ready plans to all involved parties, exchanging project contact information, project costs, pre-construction review of projects and pre-construction site visits/meetings, and any other tasks that help facilitate the project. In addition, and most importantly, our objective is to make sure all project timelines adhere to FCC mandated timelines.

We follow a comprehensive process to complete a Joint Use project. Below is an abbreviated outline of what our process incorporates.

  • Upon notification of a new project, we review for proper documentation and clear scope. 
  • We notify all stakeholders and obtain feedback concerning the planned work, including issues and insights into the area.
  • Mi-Tech’s Communications Team completes a site survey that includes project maps, GIS data, and conductor data.
  • Our Team conducts a pre-inspection site survey and verifies that the proposed design will operate. 
  • The Communications staff completes a design review of the submitted field data.
    • Utility conductors and communications midspans are loaded per NESC code to meet required cable and ground clearances
    • Proposed attachment heights are reviewed and adjusted, if necessary
    • Guying design is completed
    • Pole structure loading using O-Calc Pro is completed on all poles 
  • We complete make-ready designs to meet code and standards.
  • The approved design is submitted and serves as the official permit documentation with approved attachment heights and a summary of make-ready work for all Joint Use attachers.
  • Mi-Tech’s Energy Distribution Team reviews the proposed design, completes estimates, and coordinates with stakeholders to approve the design, make-ready work, and estimates.
  • Upon approval, we finalize and submit project estimates to the requesting attacher.
  • Upon acceptance of the attacher requests, our Energy Distribution Team prepares job cards, bill of materials, maps, permitting, and any other necessary documentation.
  • Upon completion, we verify:
    • Attachment heights and clearances at poles and midspans 
    • Guying installation 
    • Collect final design data to complete inspection documentation and GIS updates. 
  • A post-construction inspection report is completed. 
  • We work on final billing and verify that no further assistance or issues need to be addressed before project closeout.
    • If any violations or issues need to be addressed, we facilitate subsequent OST construction visit to ensure everything on the project adheres to NESC code and stakeholder standards.
  • Lastly, if required, Mi-Tech completes updates GIS updates and verifies and updates pole tag numbers, pole sizes, joint use pole attachments, GPS coordinates.