Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Mi-Tech Services develops custom tools using the ESRI suite of products to collect, analyze and store real-time spatial data for both internal and customer use. Visual presentations, coupled with geospatial data for surface and subsurface facilities, provides an efficient method for analyzing age, type, capacity, design, and future planning.

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ArcGIS Field Maps is Mi-Tech’s go-to field app for data collection, editing and real-time location reporting of facility assets. This all-in-one app uses data driven maps allowing our mobile workers to efficiently collect and report utility facilities during the design, inspection, and as built process.

When collecting facility asset information, Mi-Tech builds customer-tailored forms using ArcGIS Survey123. Survey123 is an efficient tool for capturing information in the field that is immediately made available for analysis by our GIS  specialists.

No matter the format or condition of your existing facility mapping, our GIS team can digitize them ensuring accuracy and integrity. Our GIS mapping services covers a broad spectrum of utilities such as:

  • Municipal water, storm sewer, sanitary sewer and structures
  • Communications buried, overhead and structures
  • Power distribution buried, overhead and structures
  • Gas distribution and pipelines