Energy Distribution Services

Mi-Tech takes your job from beginning to end and beyond. Our team will earn your trust to guide you through any project—big or small. Our diverse professionals will make you feel comfortable as your project moves from an idea to the planning table to a final product.

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Beginning with an engineered scope of work, our technicians take ownership of your project from start to finish. Field verification of existing facilities, design of new facilities to be placed, customer communications, permitting, entry in utility’s work management system, CAD-produced drawings, staking, and a job packet for construction are just some of the duties performed for our utility partners.

  • Overhead and Underground Rebuilds
  • Overhead to Underground Conversions
  • Voltage Conversions
  • Substation Feeder Exits
  • Red-tagged Pole Replacements

Mi-Tech’s provides gas distribution design services to multiple utility companies throughout the country. We offer services such as system design, GIS, permitting, Right of Way, survey, and environmental field services. Our design & field services teams constantly strive to ensure projects are executed efficiently and safely. Our comprehensive services include:

New Gas System/Main Distribution Design

  • Plastic, Steel, Joint Use

System Replacements & Upgrades

  • Plastic, Cast Iron, and Steel
  • Integrity Management Programs/Improvements, including DIMP &  SHRIMP
  • Programmatic Replacement Projects
  • Service Replacements
  • Farm Taps

Compliance Support

  • MAOP Verification
  • O&M Manuals
  • Design Standards


  • Railroads
  • City/County/State


Check out our other services here Environmental, GIS, Joint Use, ROW, and Surveying.

We offer technical services for buried and overhead electric distribution and transmission lines throughout the United States. We also provide services that incorporate necessary right-of-way and easement acquisition, professional survey services, pole load calculations, and GIS data to fit the needs of any project. So basically, we have your back.

Our Right-of-Way team brings easement expertise to the construction site by having all the resources in-house at Mi-Tech. Whether you want to know if you have an existing easement or need to acquire easements over miles of your project, our experience and service-first approach allow us to work quickly on your project. As it happens, we can keep your project on time and budget.

Nothing is worse than tearing up already completed work because the contractor did not construct your project to plan or because you encountered land rights or permitting issues. Mi-Tech works hand-in-hand with permitting authorities to ensure that the contractor completes construction as designed and complies with all local permitting rules and regulations.

We provide you assistance if you are interested in obtaining pole attachment agreements from pole owners. Mi-Tech works closely with local power companies to complete pole loading and aerial mid-span calculations for timely NESC-compliant attachments.