Understanding every aspect of the project is our job.

Right of Way and Real Estate

You have an important project. We have the experts who can help. Our right-of-way team handles all of the ins and outs of property research, easement acquisition and ingress/egress details. It can be a daunting task to coordinate with so many stakeholders, but with Mi-Tech leading your project you’ll see that we have your needs and bottom line as our top priorities.

Right of Way Expertise

Whether you want to know if you have an existing easement or need to acquire easements over miles of your project, Mi-Tech right-of-way services has the experience and staff to help you reach your construction goals. We handle everything from negotiation with property owners to preparing agreement documents, and everything in-between.

Tailgate Meetings

Like before the big game, but much more productive. Not only will we be the contact team between construction crews and the property owner, we’ll also conduct pre-construction meetings to ensure that the entire process is in accordance with the property owners limitations.


Sign here, initial there, repeat 3,000 times. You’ll never have to worry about missing permits or deadlines with our team at your side. Our experts apply for conditional use permits, building permits and any other permits needed to get the job done right.

What our clients are saying:

Mi-Tech performed technical wetland delineation services in accordance with established regulatory methodology. Their documentation report was clear and concise, providing a suitable understanding of environmental resources requiring protection during future development of the property.
HSE Environmental Coordinator, Michels Corporation
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