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Mi-Tech Services provides a wide range of geospatial services using Geographical Information System (GIS) software from Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) and Autodesk.  Combined with both mapping and survey grade Trimble GPS units, we can collect, process, store, and map information from a variety of sources.

Accurate network maps, records, and schematics, save critical time and money when emergencies arise. Mi-Tech offers a full suite of locating, database creation, mapping, and on-going revisions as our client’s networks expand and change.  We provide conversion of old maps, sketches, and antiquated paper documents, to robust geodatabases with linked documents. Mi-Tech can then create digital products ranging from Delorme, Google, and ESRI and AutoCAD based products.  Likewise, we can also present your information using professional cartographic products in various sizes, styles, and formats.  We also provide general training and support to our clients on an as-needed basis.

The ability to view potential hazards and visualize proposed facilities can help you to foresee and avoid unanticipated surprises and costs out in the field.  Using ESRI and AutoCAD 3D visualization software, Mi-Tech can perform terrain modeling, viewshed and line-of-sight analysis, and surface interpolation.

One of our niche services is environmental questionnaires. We have completed multiple reports for clients describing the project profile, OSP and ISP construction, property and building changes, and all required mapping for project sites including wetlands, critical habitats, floodplains, protected lands, coastal areas and brown fields.


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MI-Tech Services is a national leader in the design of aerial, buried and underground cable placements, as well as an experienced designer of CATV and electrical distribution systems.

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